Piano Lessons

"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not long enough for music."

-Sergei Rachmaninoff

 The Piano Your Way Experience

The study of music is such an exciting adventure, there is so much you can learn and so many things to discover.  

 The lessons are designed to allow you to nurture your interest, and abilities in music, by allowing you to study the kind of music that really and interests you. 

A Unique Approach to Learning Music

One of the main things that differentiates this method of teaching is that there is a large focus on understanding what I like to call the “language of music”.

Music is a langauge, and like any language it has certain patterns that it predictably uses. Once you learn to recognize thes patterns (aka speak the language of music), you’ll be able to 

  • Learn music more quickly,
  • Sight read music more accurately
  • Perform more confidently 
  • Write music that sounds good
  • Create music on the spot that sounds like you worked on it for weeks

The best part is that this language is that its in all styles of music, so we can find it every piece we play, whether its a Beethoven Sonata, The Theme from Harry Potter, or the pop song Fireworks by Katie Perri. 

A Unique Approach to Scheduling Lessons

Traditional lessons meet once a week for about an hour and then you have the whole rest of the week, to practice on your own.

Life gets busy.

Whether you are a high school student who is suddenly involved with sports with hours of homework, or an adult who are struggling to perfect the work/family/life balance, and are sick of feeling guitly when you have to cancel a lesson for the 3rd time this month, or have been forced to quit because you couldn’t commit to a regular lesson. I have learned that just because people get busy doesn’t mean that they want to quit piano, they just need a bit more flexibility. 

With those situations in mind we have adapted the scheduling to accomodate you. 

The lesson are structured in monthly tuition payments. You can choose how many lessons you want a month, then you can choose when you want to have them. 

For example,  if you want every Monday at 4pm, no problem, we can do that. But if you need to wait till the end of the month and have four lessons in four days, or 2 two-hour lessons, no problem we can do that too. 

I want you to progress as quickly as you are able, and sometimes waiting until the next lesson can halt a students progress, when all that was needed was a few minute email or video and the problem would have been solved.

With this in mind, in combination with the regular lessons you get access to me in the time in between lessons, just send me a voice memo, text message or short video of the problem, and I will reply with the answer, and you can get right back to work.

So on top of the lessons you also get access to me during the in-between time so that you can continue to work on your own and not lose momentum. 

With this much flexibilty you are sure to progress quickly and become the pianist you always wanted to be.