Piano Lessons for Adults

Is it finally time to learn to play the piano?


So many adults complain about always wanting to learn to play the piano, but never get around to taking lessons and therefore never get around to learning to play.

Whether you are interested in coming back to lessons after many years away or are finally excited to get started learning to play for the first time, lessons are a great way to help you learn to play quicker, keep you motivated, and also keep you progressing towards your goal.

The goal of piano lessons can be whatever you want them to be. You have enough other pressures in your life, so lessons are meant to be fun, motivational,  engaging and stress free.

With the Piano Your Way Approach the lessons are fully customized around your interests. This means that you won’t spend hours learning to play songs that you don’t like, you get to learn the music that you want to learn.  Often times this will mean that you get a personalized arrangement of your favorite song that is made just for you.


As an adult student you have the opportunity to learn any or ALL of the below

  • To Read and Write Music
  • Learn the songs you love to play (Movie Themes, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Broadway)
  • Music Theory
  • How to write pop songs
  • The fundamentals of music composition
  • How to sound like a pro (even if you are a beginner)
  • How to manage stage fright for performances
  • Do a deep dive into famous composers/performers
  • Learn the skills that allow you to perform your best
  • Learn to be able to just sit down and play without music

Would you like to learn more information about getting started ?